Metasearch in a nutshell

A metasearch platform for the travel industry uses data from different search engines to show results about hotels, vacation rentals, flights, car rentals and much more. In the Netherlands these websites are also known as price comparison platforms.

Tripadvisor Dormio Resort NL

The Benefits

  • You will reduce your dependence on resellers.
  • You will generate additional bookings at a low cost.
  • You will increase your visibility and brand awareness through price comparison platforms.
  • Always the most up-to-date listings, availability and prices via Metasearch, without any hassle or manual input.
  • Bookings will take place on your own website, so that you retain full control over the customer journey and boost your brand awareness.

Adchieve Metasearch integration

Adchieve integrates your listings with all the metasearch platforms you want to advertise on. We also offer optional support in managing campaigns in your own account and can provide advice on how best to set up your campaigns to ensure you get the best return from your advertisements.

Adchieve enables you to advertise easily and effectively on the following metasearch platforms:

  1. Google Hotel Ads
  2. Google Vacation Rentals
  3. Microsoft Hotel Price Ads  
  4. Tripadvisor
  5. trivago


OTA Booking Engine Channel Manager PMS CRS (1)




1: Listings

We sync a feed with all your accommodations and their features with the metasearch platforms. This feed is automatically updated with any change in your listings.

2: Availability & prices

We link your booking system with the metasearch platforms to ensure that the availability and prices we send to them are always up to date and accurate.

3: Booking pages

We send dynamically structured landing pages to the metasearch platforms to ensure that the prices and dates shown on the platforms match those on your own website.

A selection of our customers

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  • Sani Ikos Group logo

Why choose Adchieve?

  • Official integration partner of Google Vacation Rentals, Hotel Ads and various other metasearch platforms, like TripAdvisor and trivago.
  • Specialist with years of experience in advertising in the travel industry.
  • State-of-the-art software that can be linked with any standard booking system.
  • We ensure more direct bookings on your website, so that you remain in control, retain ownership of your data and are therefore less dependent on resellers.