Google Customer Match integration

Advantages of the Customer Match integration

Customer Match is a powerful ad tool, which enables you to increase your name familiarity and generate more conversions with existing customers and similar audiences.

Customer Match lists have an average 79% higher click-through-rate and a 67% higher conversion rate than non target groups (source: internal data from Google). With the Adchieve Customer Match API, you send Google the most up to date and relevant customer data. This leads to better targeting and higher-quality ads, producing a better return on your ads.

Save yourself the work of organizing and constantly refreshing customer lists, which can be a time-consuming process. Not to mention the fact that the data will not be as up to date as possible. When you work with Adchieve, you don't need to integrate an API or manually upload data yourself. We link your data and organize your target group lists for you. We automatically update them so that your match rate remains as high as possible.

And when you send your data, it is always automatically secure and encrypted and with the customer's consent. In this way, you comply with current European GDPR legislation. Which is obviously vital, certainly in these times.

Advantages Google Customer Match Integration

What kinds of businesses benefit most from Customer Match?

  • Businesses with wide-ranging target groups and target group value.
  • Businesses with many repeat customers.
  • Businesses in which inspiration plays an important role, such as the fashion or furniture industry.

Why work with Adchieve?

Adchieve is Google's official Customer Match partner. We are the first Customer Match partner in the Netherlands and one of the 17 partners worldwide. And a partnership with Adchieve offers more advantages:


The winning team is ready to help

Adchieve is more than just software. Our team of PPC specialists and data scientists not only helps you with the technical side of your customer lists, but also with making in-depth data analyses which enable you to develop the best strategy to achieve your business goals.


RFM model

We get more from your data

The profitability of different customer groups can vary widely, for example: existing customers versus new customers or business customers versus consumers. Adchieve helps you use this valuable information smartly. With your defined rules, we place customers in different target group lists based on profitability to target them even better and adjust bids accordingly.

Recency & Frequency Segments

You can set, view and adjust these rules yourself. Adchieve helps you apply your knowledge and experience in this.

For example, rules based on the RFM model (recency, frequency and monetary value). So, if you have a regular repeat customer, with a set rule in Adchieve, the customer can be automatically 'upgraded' to the loyal customer segment with bids being adjusted accordingly.

Adchieve is the 1st Customer Match partner in the Netherlands and one of the 17 partners worldwide.

Customer Match and Performance Max

The arrival of Performance Max gives Customer Match an even more important role thanks to new possibilities in Performance Max campaigns and our software.

Firstly, Google Customer Match works even better with Performance Max. A new function in Customer Match now gives you the option to exclusively advertise your Performance Max campaigns on new customers.

And with Adchieve software, you can now easily link customer lists to Performance Max campaigns. In doing so, you create different asset groups with creative elements, indicating the appropriate target group. This tells Google's algorithm which target group should be shown which ad.

An example from the Fashion or furniture industry: in these industries, styles (clothing, furniture styles) are very important. Our software enables you to create customer groups based on styles to target them even better and adjust bids accordingly. Based on these lists, Google also offers lookalike profiles of potential customers who are also interested in buying products in that specific style. This lets you find new customers who are interested in a specific style.

Want to know more about the Customer Match integration?

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