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POAS: Benefit from automatic margin insights

Looking at just your Return on Ad Spend is a thing of the past. If you want to play the advertising game in the right way, it is important to have insight into your turnover and profit: Profit on Ad Spend. POAS is one of the Adchieve Insights entry-level services, which gives you a complete insight into your margins.

We link via Google Analytics or directly with your ERP system. Our software then automatically uploads your gross margin per order and links it to your advertisements. In your Google interface, you then gain insight into your POAS at various levels.

These are all advantages at a glance:

  • Determine your margin formula yourself.
  • Make informed decisions about your bids.
  • Determine a healthy balance between turnover and margins yourself.
  • Insight into POAS per account, campaign, ad group/product group, or keyword level in Search Ads.

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Keyword insights illustration

Keyword Insights: we bring them back

Performance Max has made advertising easier, but fine insights have also disappeared. The disappearance of keyword insights, in particular, is a thorn in the side for most SEA marketers.

Our software retrieves your keyword insights on a large scale, putting you back at the wheel. These are all the benefits:

  • Brand new feature: be one of the first internationally.
  • Regain control of your keywords in combination with Shopping and Performance Max.
  • The ability to track your “market share” relative to your competitors.
  • Monitor fluctuations in your market share after your adjustments or as a result of external factors.
  • Discover new keywords for your titles for better rankings.
  • Spot popular products from your competitor.

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price insights

Price Insights: minimal adjustments, great result

As an advertiser, you know that your price is never a given. Playing the right game with your price makes your profit enormous compared to your competitors. Price Insights provides quick and easy insight into the following:

  • Monitor the prices of your competitors and compare them with your own prices.
  • Learn which pricing strategies your competitors are using.
  • Optimize your own pricing based on your business goals and achieve greater market share or better margins.
cross and upsell insights

Cross and upsell insights

In many cases, even more than SEA specialists and online marketers know, the advertisement of product A does not lead to the purchase of product A. For some advertisers, we are talking about more than 50% (!) Of their sales. Via the advertisements tab in Adchieve Insights, you get insight into your cross and upsell insights, so you can advertise smartly and instruct the purchasing department in the right way.

gauge arc fashion insights

Variants: extra feature for the fashion industry

Do you work in an industry that deals with sizes? In the variants tab in Adchieve Insights, you can view stock insights, where the measurement arc and weighted availability are automatically updated. See what percentage of buyers have the right size in stock and take action on time.

Adchieve Insights: the complete package for ultimate Insights

Our software can even exchange the largest datasets with Google Ads and Analytics. Connect all your Insights and benefit from ultimate automation insights.

In addition to POAS, keyword and price Insights, our ERP connection, margin calculator, margin insights, product insights, brand insights, and customer insights also do their work for you in this ultimate insights package.

This is what ultimate automation brings you:

  • Turn the Smart Bidding algorithm into a profit machine. Include POAS insights as input for Shopping and adjust for turnover and margin.
  • Provide insight into who your most important customers are. Discover patterns, determine your Customer Lifetime Value and move along with your bids.

Thanks to the POAS tool and other features, we grow every year with our Ads campaigns

Bart van den Bosch - online marketer - Sanitairwinkel.nl

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