“One of the biggest frustrations of SEA marketers is now a thing of the past”
Mark van Werven, CEO Adchieve
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Keyword Insights

Add as many keywords as you like. See which competitors score on your keywords and with what products. Use labels to categorize your keywords.

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Market Share

Our software calculates your market share based on the keywords you set for each country. Our automation runs every day. Therefore, it is easy to monitor fluctuations in market share after modifications or external influences from day to day.

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Trending Titles

See which titles are trending. Get suggestions for product title adjustments based on your performance for specific keywords and high performing product titles from competitors. Even get suggestions for new products in your product range.
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Popular Products

Spot popular products. Gain insight into how to rank well on certain keywords by adjusting titles or changing prices. Also, your purchasing department might find this tab very insightful.

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