Do you work in e-commerce or the travel industry and do you strive to boost profitable growth?

Adchieve PPC management software helps you to create and optimize large-scale PPC campaigns so that you can achieve your goals.

Adchieve PPC management software at a glance

Adchieve enables you to provide potential customers with hyper-relevant advertisements at the very moment they are searching. Our software supports you with the following components of your PPC campaigns:

Connects systems, makes data available and keeps it up to date on the PPC platforms.
Facilitates growth by providing efficient upscaling of your PPC campaigns.
Provides you with the specific insights that help you achieve your goals.

This is how we do it

Your specific business
Your specific business
Your specific business

Building on success starts with gaining insights. We look at your specific business, KPIs and objectives. What makes your business unique? What are explanatory factors for your success? Where are the priorities and opportunities in your PPC campaigns and how is this set up in the current situation? Based on these insights, we create a targeted step-by-step plan.

Data analysis
Data analysis
Data analysis

In the next step, we search and connect relevant and valuable information in your company’s data, f.e. campaign results and a product feed. We also check whether the data needs to be technically made accessible and possibly cleaned up. External influences that can play a role in your turnover, such as the weather, prices of competitors and measuring turnover, are also included. Afterwards, together we determine a strategy for your PPC management and automation.

Ready, set, go!
Ready, set, go!
Ready, set, go!

A clear strategy and a concrete plan have been agreed. Time for action. The data is linked to our PPC management software and campaigns are created. These will be managed by us or by the customer.

During this step, also the kick-off session takes place. In this session we clearly explain clearly how the campaigns are structured and how they should be managed. You can always reach out for questions, advice and evaluations.

Connect: channel & feed management

Adchieve feed management ensures that your PPC campaigns are always kept effortlessly up to date and fed with information critical to your visibility and success.

With Adchieve, you can manage all your ads from one central master feed. Channel management enables you to convert the feed data into ads on the desired PPC platforms, such as Google Ads, Microsoft Bing, meta search platforms and marketplaces. That’s future-proof advertising at its best!

Adchieve channel & feed management solutions

Automation: PPC campaign creation and optimization

Whether it is products or accommodation listings, creating effective ads for a large and dynamic range is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Adchieve automation enables you scale up your business efficiently and effectively. Our PPC software uses data from your systems and feeds to create automated hyper-relevant advertising campaigns that closely match your customers’ wishes and search behavior.

Adchieve PPC automation solutions

Insights & PPC monitoring

Adchieve Insights software provides you with the unique insights you need for successful PPC campaigns. These include insights in the areas of: 

  • advertising margins
  • competitive prices
  • cross-selling and upselling
  • visibility relative to competition
  • data and campaign hygiene.  

Not only through our state-of-the-art software but also through the support of our consultants and data scientists.

Hygiene dashboards

Adchieve hygiene dashboards offer you effective PPC monitoring. The dashboards provide valuable insights that help you optimize your PPC campaigns and keep the account organized and clean.

For example, the dashboards provide up-to-date insight into potential problems, such as duplicate keywords and rejected ads, as well as feed improvement areas, etc. But the dashboards also offer you insights into performance, such as impressions and clicks on brand and/or product group. On the travel side, the Hotel Center hygiene dashboard offers insights into aspects like property matching rates, participation rates and price checks.

Adchieve PPC Insights solutions

  • adchieve travel-ecommerce6


    POAS Insights
    Keyword Insights
    Google Search Hygiene Dashboard
    Microsoft Search Hygiene Dashboard
    Google Shopping Hygiene Dashboard
  • adchieve travel-ecommerce3


    Google Hotel Center Hygiene Dashboard
    Google Search Hygiene Dashboard
    Profitability Dashboard

Which service suits your business best?

Self service
The self-service enables you to manage your campaigns yourself within the Adchieve PPC management software. We are there to help you get up and running, so that you can get started yourself. If you have any questions, our team of specialized automation consultants will be available to you.
Managed service
If you use our managed service, one of our specialized automation consultants will take care of the complete management of your PPC campaigns. You regularly interact with the consultant to discuss results and new developments.
Data consultancy
If you really want to optimize your PPC campaign results, you can no longer ignore the unprecedented power of data science. Our team of data scientists works with you and advises you, based on your business, objectives and data, on how to get started with data science effectively.