What is Performance Max automation?

Adchieve's Performance Max automation enables you to create profitable PMax campaigns on a large scale. The software automates labor-intensive tasks so that you can easily roll out large-scale Performance Max campaigns. The software also offers you the right insights to organize and optimize your campaigns as effectively as possible.


The benefits of Adchieve Pmax automation

  • Create hyper relevant ads which reflect your customers' needs.
  • Save huge amounts of time in setting up and maintaining large-scale campaigns and creative assets with the help of the Adchieve Bulk Editor.
  • Instantly give Google powerful signals that increase campaign ROI in no time using the Asset Group Optimizer and Sales Algorithm 2.0's smart suggestions.
  • Determine the right bids which maximize profitability with the POAS integration.
  • Respond easily and effectively to promotions like sales and Black Friday with the Adchieve Marketing Calendar.

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Key functionality

Automatic campaign creation in Performance Max

Automatic campaign creation

Automatically create campaigns in line with your targets. Organize campaigns based on margin, brand, stock availability or desired visibility and set the optimal ROAS target for each campaign. The Bulk Editor takes all the labor-intensive bulk work off your hands.

Thanks to the integration with the Adchieve Marketing Calendar, you respond effortlessly to promotions and events, such as sales, Black Friday and the holiday season. Simply schedule ads adjustments and they will be automatically implemented at exactly the right time and reset after the promotion ends.

Automatic asset creation PMax v3

Automatic asset creation

Automatically create hyper relevant ad material based on your product feed, like dynamic headlines and ad texts. Automatically link images and videos to the right asset groups.

Optimal Asset group structure in PMax campaigns

Use the optimal asset groups structure

Structure your asset groups in the most optimal way based on your customers' needs, using the Asset Group Optimizer. This way assets will better align with ads and you will increase your campaign results.

Take advantage of the smart suggestions of the Adchieve Sales Algorithm 2.0, which predicts future sales based on sales data and trends. You will stay in complete control and decide which suggestions you implement.

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Why choose Adchieve?

  • Unique combination of state-of-the-art software, data science and smart consultants.
  • Support and advice by e-commerce and Google Ads specialists with years of experience.
  • Google's official integration partner since 2012.

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