Adchieve Google Smart Shopping software

Retain as much control as possible

Your Google Shopping campaigns are at the forefront when you use Adchieve because it offers advanced options for regular shopping campaigns and also moves optimally with Google’s Smart Solutions, like Performance Max. Our software ensures that you retain as much control as possible, despite the black box that Google has become. You will soon achieve the following benefits:

  • Easily organize your optimal feed;
  • Drive shopping campaigns based on margin targets and easily implement a bucket design;
  • Get more return from your shopping campaigns in combination with the Insights module.

To fully automate campaign creation and keyword management for regular shopping campaigns, use our award winning software.

Ultimate insights with Adchieve Insights

Take advantage of Adchieve Insights to get ultimate insights. With the Adchieve Insights features such as keyword, competitor, ROAS / POAS, and cross and upsell insights, you turn Google into a profit machine. Start with an entry-level service or go straight to big data and take advantage of the entire Insights module.

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Google Text Ads automation

Google Text Ads automation

With our Google Text Ads software, you can optimize your Text Ads on a small or large scale. Our Text Ads Macro is optimally designed for automation development within Google for more consolidated structures such as Hagakure and the disappearance of Keyword Match Types. Our software works as follows:

  • Work from one master feed. Set new rules. Link feeds or create new ones and continuously improve or enrich data with professional feed management.
  • Easily manage and create different text campaigns from one setup.
  • Create multiple ad groups (strategies) and sets with ads within campaigns that optimally match your landing pages.
  • Determine keywords per ad group strategy and use handy keyword synonyms.

Additional time-saving and clear functions

Adchieve was one of the first organizations in the world to automate long-tail text ads. In recent years, our software has been extensively developed so that you also benefit from the following advantages, which most other Text Ads automation tools do not offer:

  • Easily copy ads to other ad group strategies.
  • Take advantage of the preview function. View an overview of all ad groups and columns and optimize your keywords.
  • Manual adjustments in Google Ads are not simply overwritten because Adchieve remembers them.
  • Plan your marketing campaigns in time so that you don’t have to adjust your ads on the day itself.
  • Connect data sources and build more advanced campaign structures, for example, based on profitability or availability.
  • Rank your sitelink extensions based on the popularity of a product or location.
  • Use fallbacks so that your ads always fit within the limits and can be shown at the right time.
  • View current log data to see how you are doing.

Adchieve allows you to color the black box

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