How does this work?

Within Adchieve, there are several large language models, which we use to refine and enhance the titles and descriptions in your product feed through few shot promting and relevant keywords. But of course, you don't just want to rely on technology; you want to see results. 

  • A/B testing capability within Adchieve 
  • Independent of time (insert texts and images)
  • Interesting for products that do not rank 

What's next?

Currently there is only a choice of one title, image and discription per product towards the merchant centre, we split the feed (A variant and B variant) to see which version achieves better results. We do not test individual products separately - but groups, ensuring that the tool automatically exchanges all products (so that each product has been active in both the A variant and B variant).  Over a 3-month period, we measure the impact and constantly evaluate the results. And that's not all: we feed our AI tooling with valuable insights to continuously ensure the best results. 


  • Current product feed (shopping feed) 
  • Determine the product groups we are going to test  
  • Choose the market we are going to test 


A/B testing feeds 

  • Connection via Adchieve 


  • 1 Potential check: Scan on the current product feed to assess how much room there is in terms of improvement.
  • 2 Discuss current feeds and what the ideal titles and descriptions would be.
  • 3

    Work out examples to help the algorithm learn (few shot promting). 

  • 4

    Use Large Language Models to optimise the feed (RAG method). 

  • 5

    Discuss, optimise and validate the result. 

  • 6

    Setting up an A/B test in Adchieve. 

  • 7

    Schedule evaluation after 6 weeks, if successful the next test is scheduled (optional further tweaking of feed in between). 

  • 8

    Draw conclusions based on accumulated data. 

Timeline from start to evaluation

timeline feed-AI

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