What is Google Hotel Ads automation?

Adchieve Google Hotel Ads automation simplifies and accelerates campaign creation and maintenance with the help of automation, allowing you to effectively scale and grow.

The software is designed specifically for large (or larger) companies in the travel industry looking to grow efficiently. The tool automates labor-intensive tasks and enables you to manage effective Hotel campaigns on a large scale, based on feeds.

For maximum profitability, combine Hotel Ads automation with the Adchieve Travel algorithm, which calculates the probability of a booking, based on variables such as booking window, room type and availability, so you can adjust your Hotel Ads bids accordingly.

Benefits GHA

The benefits

  • Manage and create the entire Google Hotel Ads structure and campaigns from a single feed.
  • Create a unique, proprietary structure within campaigns, based on your business strategy.
  • Save many hours of time in setting up and maintaining Hotel Ads campaigns on a large scale.
  • Give Google powerful signals that increase campaign ROI, with an always up-to-date feed.
  • Use the Travel algorithm to determine the best bids that maximize profitability.

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Master feed GHA transparant

Key functionalities

Campaign strategy automation

Choose the strategy that suits you

Campaigns are fully configurable based on your business strategy. Choose the advertising strategy that suits your business and the tool does all the (bulk) work for you. Easily manage customized strategies for different hotels, hotel groups, brands, countries, regions, cities and more.

Google Hotel Ads maintenance

Minimize maintenance

Opening a new location? Adchieve will automatically create a new campaign or Ad Group for you (depending on your strategy). Is a location closing (temporarily)? Then Adchieve pauses or cancels the relevant ads.

Master Feed Automation Google Hotel Ads

Work from a single master feed

Set new rules, link feeds or create new ones, and improve or enrich data on an ongoing basis, using professional feed management.

Property Promotion Ads example Google Search

Property Promotion Ads

The Hotel Ads automation tool also allows you to easily create large scale Property Promotion Ads with their own advertising strategy. You can differentiate this strategy from regular Hotel campaigns if you wish.

Why choose Adchieve?

  • Unique combination of state-of-the-art software, data science and smart consultants.
  • Years of experience in the travel industry with a variety of clients: hotel chains, vacation parks, resorts, campsites and online travel agencies.
  • Official Google Premier Partner since 2012.
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