Planning & adjusting events

In the marketing calendar, you can schedule various events (actions) and make adjustments within your existing campaigns. These include:  

  • Posting a Facebook, Instagram or Google Business Profile post   
  • Creating promotion and callout assets (for Google Ads campaigns)  
  • Adjusting the ad copy of your search ads  
  • Adjusting your performance max assets  

Although these are actions on different channels, they can be regulated from one place. All it takes is a one-time connection between Adchieve and the channels. 

For each event, you select a date range and within the date range, the marketing action will be live in the relevant channel. Has the end date passed? Then the campaigns will automatically go back to the always-on setup (for Google search and PMax) or the actions will be paused.   


Benefits of the marketing calendar

  • 1

    Time savings: Marketing actions can be prepared and planned in advance, reducing last-minute work and work outside office hours. 

  • 2

    Consistency across channels: Provides the ability to spread the same message in the same branding across different channels from one central location.  

  • 3

    Automation: Campaign adjustments are made and reset automatically, eliminating the need for manual checks. 

  • 4

    Clarity: Provides a clear overview of all current and planned promotions. 

  • 5

    Efficiency: The copy function allows events to be duplicated quickly, ideal for campaigns running in several countries at the same time, for example. 

Find out more about the Adchieve marketing calendar

The Marketing Calendar is part of the Adchieve Automation module. The campaigns created in Adchieve within the same module are therefore easy to modify or supplement using the Marketing Calendar. Want to know more? Get in touch. 

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