What are (online) marketplaces?

A marketplace is an e-commerce platform, on which several parties (so-called sales partners) offer products. It serves as an extra sales channel in addition to, for example, your own website. Well-known examples of marketplaces are bol, Amazon and Zalando, but platforms like Facebook and Google Shopping also offer opportunities for sales as a Marketplace. These platforms act as an ecosystem and bring buyers & sellers together.

Marketplaces insights

Adchieve offers customised dashboarding focused on sales on marketplaces. It allows you to analyse sales performance on bol and Amazon down to product level and gives you access to data that is normally not comparable in a single dashboard. Think of performance data (impressions, clicks, conversion rate), ad presentations to insight into organic positions.

This gives you insight into the development of the performance, on all possible cross-sections up to the profitability per product. This enables sales reps to match their offer to the demand and operate more effectively, which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Benefits of marketplaces

Selling on marketplaces gives you access to an audience of millions. This increases the visibility of your brands and easily reaches potential customers. Consumers browsing on marketplaces have a strong purchase intention, due to the trust and authority of platforms like Amazon and bol. 

In addition, it is an easy way to sell internationally, without having to set up your own infrastructure in other countries. This opens the door to new markets and customers around the world. 

In exchange for access to this vast sales channel, marketplaces charge a commission on product sales. In addition, it is important to get your logistics right and create visibility through advertising. A dynamic game, where all decisive factors combine to create top positions and being on the ball is a must.

Benefits of using Adchieve with connecting marketplaces

  • 1

    Insight into profitability: This function clearly shows all cost components, such as commissions, advertising costs and logistics fees. This gives you quick insight into which products are loss-making and where, on the contrary, there is room to generate additional sales.

  • 2

    Omnichannel, cohesion of channels: This aspect links the profitability of the various channels on which you operate down to product level. From here you can then weigh up which items are best to sell where, taking into account aspects such as inventory and profitability.

  • 3

    Customer Lifetime Value: Adchieve also makes the link at customer level. This gives you a grip on to what extent marketplaces cannibalise with your existing customers or not, and what the acquisition costs are of new customers via marketplaces.

  • 4

    Product performance: The great thing about working via the dashboard is that, through insight over time, you immediately see the effect of all your implemented optimisations. Think of changes in titles or improving your photo roll. Really substantiated by decisive metrics such as impressions, conversion ratio, but also rankings and share of voice. 

bol.com bronze partner


Bol bronze partner

Adchieve is an official bol bronze partner. This means that Adchieve offers links for specific bol processes. This includes sponsored products, live insights and other data retrieved from bol.com. This shows your margin per product in Adchieve and allows you to see how profitable your campaigns really are.

Insights adchieve solutions

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