The challenge

For QLF Brands, Google Ads is the most important sales channel and one of the drivers of QLF's explosive growth. The annual spend within Google Ads now runs into several million. Most of it is deployed via Performance Max campaigns. 

To support this growth, QLF has set up Performance Max campaigns in which products are distributed based on their profitability across different campaigns. 

"We have been working with Adchieve for years and Adchieve has also provided the solution for Performance Max that allows us to deploy campaigns on a large scale and profitably. " says Ard Huisert, CEO of QLF Brands.  


 Our main challenge is to be able to drive our Google campaigns in a scalable and profitable way

The approach

Lighting comes in all shapes, sizes and styles and for various applications. Demand from consumers is therefore incredibly diverse.  

One of the key factors for success in online advertising is matching the needs of the consumer. Ads are most effective when they are hyper relevant. This increases the likelihood that someone will click through and convert by purchasing a product. Performance Max allows you to create up to 100 asset groups per campaign to enable you to make the most relevant advertisements. 

However, creating relevant assets for 50,000 products is time-consuming when done manually. Adchieve's software makes it easy to create hyper-relevant assets quickly and simply based on a feed.  

"Adchieve does a great job with Dynamic assets. If I had to do the work the Adchieve software does for me by myself, it would actually be impossible. Without Adchieve, our campaign results would be significantly less," says Roel Verzantvoort, PPC specialist at QLF 

The result

Thanks to the efforts of Performance Max and the partnership with Adchieve, QLF advertises on Google Ads in a scalable and profitable way, while at the same time matching consumer needs. 

Yield improvement with PMax: >12%