• ROI improvement
  • Revenue increasement


  • Data science analysis
  • Adapting cross- and upsell strategies


  • ↑ 20% increase in turnover  
  • ↑ 10% margin improvement  

About IGO Promo

IGO Promo specialises in supplying printed business gifts and promotional items. With a range of over 10,000 unique items such as printed pens, mugs and other products, they offer a wide assortment in 12 countries.

IGO Promo faced the challenge of maintaining and optimising high-quality customer traffic despite increasing online competition and rising advertising costs. People are getting better at searching and comparing. In collaboration with Adchieve, IGO Promo implemented a strategic change to their cross- and upselling, leading to huge improvements in revenue and margin. We spoke about this with Erwin Roost, Product Marketer at IGO Promo


The primary goal was to improve ROI through cross- and upselling, using advanced data analytics. This goal supported IGO Promo's broader efforts to provide customers with an excellent website experience by offering them relevant products during the purchase process. Adchieve can give these insights and provide data that IGO Promo itself does not have, this data can be retrieved from the software.

"Adchieve is a very helpfull tool for IGO Promo because we have such a large range and now receive data that we cannot read out."
Erwin Roost - Product Marketer
Erwin Roost


This approach consists of several phases, with an initial baseline analysis to assess the current effectiveness of existing cross- and upsell strategies. Adchieve and Erwin then developed new, optimised product recommendation rules based on online order data. These rules were implemented and tested, with performance continuously monitored and compared with historical data.


  • ↑ 20% increase in turnover en ↑ 10% margin improvement

The revised strategies resulted in a 20% increase in turnover and a 10% margin improvement across the relevant product categories. These improvements were even more striking because they were achieved within a shorter period of time, underlining the effectiveness of the new approach. Furthermore, the insights provided opportunities for further refinement and adjustment based on regional differences and product categories.

Follow-up steps and future vision

Following the success of this phase, IGO Promo plans to analyse further to personalise and optimise cross- and upselling strategies even more, with a specific focus on regional and category-specific trends. These efforts are aimed at continuously improving customer satisfaction, average order value and increasing conversion rates.


The collaboration between IGO Promo and Adchieve illustrates how data-driven decision-making and algorithmic insights can lead to substantial improvements in marketing strategies. This is a good example of how smart customisation and the use of data can make a difference in today's online world, where everyone wants to be the best.

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