Do you want to create and manage large-scale PPC campaigns for text ads for Google AdWords or Bing? ADchieve’s clear workflow process makes it easily achievable. The ADchieve previews show you the outcomes of your set-up in advance. Thus, you’ll remain in complete control.

Optimize feeds easily

With ADchieve you can easily edit feeds. Add extra columns or merge them, filter out products or edit values in the feed. It enables you to easily optimize your feed when automating your search campaigns. Technical knowledge is not required.

Campaign creation

Thanks to the link with your product feed, you can create an ad for every product and for each category of products. If a product is no longer in stock, ADchieve can immediately deactivate these products. And when products are added, ADchieve will immediately update the campaigns. You won’t have to do anything. ADchieve also offers options to automatically split up ads based on campaign performance in order to achieve more relevant ads with higher quality scores.

1,000,000 keywords?

Which keywords will show up in your ads is something that you specify in advance. Combine elements from your feed and thus easily create large-scale keyword lists. Defining synonyms or specifying keyword negatives is also possible. Specifying keyword types such as broad, phrase and exact match is no problem.

Rule based ad copy

ADchieve also offers maximum possibilities for the creation and automated modification of ad copy. Incorporating variables in your advertising copy, such as prices or the availability of products, is simple. Which ad will be displayed when is something that you determine in advance using ADchieve’s rule based options. For cases where a certain ad copy isn’t appropriate, you can simply set fallback rules.

Very relevant ad extensions

The more relevant your ad extensions within Google, the better the click-through rate of your ads and the higher your quality scores. ADchieve offers you the possibility to automatically select the most relevant extensions per product or category.

Stay in control with free adjustments

Do you want to make your own adjustments to the campaigns that ADchieve has created for you? No problem. ADchieve recognizes adjustments that weren’t done by ADchieve itself and takes them into account. So, do you want to adapt the ad copy for a specific product or add extra keywords yourself? Please go ahead.

Easily expand and manage campaigns

If products or product categories are added to your webshop, ADchieve can create campaigns for them without any trouble. Thanks to smart and advanced copy functions, you’ll retain the possibility to later include customized settings for new campaign elements.

If you want to make changes to your campaign set-up at a later stage, you can also implement them quickly and easily. For example, there are search and replace options that allow you to make adjustments to multiple campaigns simultaneously.