But what if your hotel offers different types of rooms? Do you show your most luxurious suite, equipped with all conveniences, or do you show a standard room? After all, you don’t know the traveler’s specific needs yet.

Room bundles

The same applies to vacation resorts. In most cases, these also offer many different types of accommodation. Ranging from a tent to a luxury bungalow.


Room bundles

This problem can be solved within Google Hotel Ads by using room bundles.

This solution gives you the opportunity to display multiple accommodation types, including their prices. In addition, you can also show an image and list a number of highlights with all variants, immediately giving travelers a clear impression of what type of accommodation they can expect.

Example: Room bundle with images

Prominently present

In addition to letting travelers know that you have a varied offering, displaying room bundles also ensures that you will be showcased more prominently than the other providers. This is true especially if you consider the fact that there are currently few providers who use room bundles.

As you can see in the example above, an ad with a room bundle simply takes up more space than a regular ad, making your offer stand out.