The biggest challenge for Lampenlicht, was to create ads that are as relevant as possible for each phase of the conversion funnel in 11 different countries with 8 different languages.

Important promotions must be spotlighted in all ads in all languages. In addition, for all of these countries the bids must be optimized frequently based on the latest data, in both Google Ads and Bing.

A completely data driven strategy was chosen


To enable a single person to manage the campaigns as efficiently as possible, a completely data driven strategy was chosen.

Every country has its own file (XML feed) that includes all products. Each product has its own row with various columns that list the product properties.

The values in the columns are unique for each country and are filled in by the content team when new products are added to the range. The columns themselves, however, are identical in all countries. This enables Lampenlicht to standardize its activities.


QLF brands

Let's go!

To achieve the intended goal, a combination of features from the ADchieve software was used. Automatic text ads were set up, for example, where the columns from the feed serve as the basis for the text ad templates.

With the templates, both ETAs and RSAs are created for upper funnel keywords (e.g. product category), mid-funnel keywords (e.g. style + category) and lower funnel keywords (e.g. EAN code).

In addition, we used split suggestions, automatic sitelinks and negative keyword manager.


This approach has ensured that, despite the general downward trend in the click share of search campaigns, the average quality score for non-branded keywords has improved. The revenue value of text ads has increased, the ROAS has improved and, thanks to the newly implemented features, significant time savings were achieved in managing the campaigns.

By copying campaign structures and automating the same campaigns, we have been able to save a lot of time and we can manage the campaigns in 11 countries with 1 FTE

Facts and figures

7.8 > 8.5
7.8 > 8.5
Quality score non-branded keywords
+30 %
+30 %
Revenue value of text ads
+30 %
+30 %
in 11 countries
in 11 countries
Campaign management with 1 FTE