Luqom Group: Strategic Google Ads Advantage through Keyword Insights

The Luqom Group is the largest European online retailer of lighting products. Headquartered in Germany, the brand sells its own brand and third-party products through 27 country-specific online stores. In the Netherlands, the webshop is called

Luqom uses Google Shopping Campaigns, but as a result, lost insights at the keyword level. At the beginning of 2021, Luqom started structurally tracking keyword rankings within Google Shopping via Adchieve’s new, groundbreaking Keyword Insights tool. The tool has more benefits, which means that Luqom now has a strategic advantage within Google Ads.

An immediate eye-opener

Luqom started using the Keyword Insights tool in the Dutch market. Ard Huisert, on behalf of Luqom: “Initially we wanted to see which terms ranked well within Google shopping and with which products. We also wanted to know the impact on our rankings after making adjustments to the campaigns, for example, adjustments to the ROAS objectives. Those insights were an immediate eye-opener. We saw the market segments where we had a strong or weak position.”

“The insights you gain after adjustments in campaigns are immediately a big eye-opener”

A wealth of valuable information

Ard continues: “The data we collected provided more insights. Adchieve’s tool tracks shopping results for 2,000 selected keywords. This yields about 1.5 million discovered Google Shopping ads every month and, therefore, a wealth of data. We discovered that all that data contained much more valuable information. It taught us which competitor products within Google Shopping are popular and those that Luqom did not yet have in its range. ”

“All the data that the tool collects contains a wealth of valuable information”

Improved product titles

Luqom also started working on the product titles within Google Shopping. Keywords in the product titles of competitors were looked at. Based on which a test was set up for adjusting its own product titles. The products in the test ranked significantly better after the titles were adjusted.

Improved product titles
The graph, based on Google data, shows what percentage of all clicks came from the products in the test. The product titles have been adjusted at the green stripe. It can be seen that the percentage of clicks of the total number of clicks was much higher after adjustment. (We did not look at absolute clicks due to correction for seasonal effects).

Next steps

Based on the test, Luqom has decided to deploy Adchieve’s Keyword Insights tool across all countries. Huisert is convinced that using the tool will enable Luqom to keep a closer eye on the movements within Google Shopping to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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