After the hard blow that was dealt to the industry when tourism virtually came to a standstill worldwide, things are slowly picking up again!

In recent weeks we’ve seen an increase in Google searches for vacation resorts and hotels. Our clients also tell us that the number of bookings is showing an upward trend.

To offer you some guidance in this road to recovery, here are a few tips.

Google my business

Make sure that your Google My Business information is up to date. Maybe you have adapted your opening hours or implemented other measures that are of interest to the searching traveler. Don’t forget to enter these details in Google My Business, so that they’re immediately visible for someone who is searching for your accommodation(s).

The new normal: social distancing and hygiene

Hygiene is the new marketing message for hotels, vacation resorts and vacation homes. Communicate clearly what measures you have taken to ensure additional hygiene. It enables you to show that you’re taking the situation seriously. This gives your potential customers peace of mind and instills trust.

Social distancing also plays an important role these days. Communicate clearly how you deal with it in practice and what the traveler can expect. Don’t just communicate with words. Also try to adapt your photos where possible, so that the images and text don’t contradict each other.

Loyal customers

Take care of your loyal customers. Obviously your loyal customers are always important, but they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked these days.

In this new and still somewhat uncertain situation, travelers often opt for what they know and what’s familiar. Let your loyal customers know that you’re (back) in business and communicate how you will ensure that, even in these times, they can count on a pleasant, unforgettable and safe stay at your facilities.