Unique data

Kelsey: “The new Keyword Insights tool enables Adchieve to collect large-scale data about the fashion market in Google Shopping for a specific country. Unique, because no other party owns this data. We will then periodically analyze the data. As a result, we are able to see what consumers are looking for, what the current trends in the market are, and what the largest providers in each market are at a given time in Google Shopping.”

Trends, popular products, and prominent players

Fenne explains: “The research is based on various product categories such as sportswear, dresses, bags, shoes, etc. For each category, we look at which players are most prominent within Google Shopping, which products are popular, which items are searched the most. and which patterns and trends we can discover from the data.”

Optimize your own collection

Alycia concludes: “The fashion monitor naturally shows general trends in certain product categories, but you can also set up your own monitor in Keyword Insights. This way, you will be more proactive, and you can respond better to questions about your business.

You can add words in the tool that better match your collection, for example, if you are in a niche such as vintage or retro, or maybe you want to compare brand names. By doing this, you find out the needs of the consumer, such as which items are popular and which could be of added value for your collection.

But also, what prices do your competitors charge for the items? In addition, you can also see what your market share is within Google Shopping by product category and in which category you can improve. I continue to be amazed at how interesting this is and how cool it is that we can really help the fashion industry with this and other Advertising Insights,” she smiles.

market share keyword insights

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