Adchieve is an official Amazon partner

“We knew it was important to become a partner as soon as possible. With this step, we remain at the forefront of the advertising industry. Because we now also have Amazon’s Advertising API and access to various tools within campaign management, we have data and features that you don’t have available within the regular Amazon dashboard.”

This partnership is interesting for anyone who offers physical products. Product searches are increasingly taking place on marketplaces such as Amazon, and just like its customers, Adchieve focuses on a cross-platform solution.

Choices of an Amazon Seller

“If you are a seller on Amazon, you have three choices when it comes to Advertising. The first is controlling advertising within the Seller account, which limits you in data and features. The second is building your own tooling on the Advertising API, but this is capital intensive and requires specific knowledge and experience.

The third option is to engage a party like Adchieve, which specializes in developing tooling and brings experience from other platforms such as Google. In the coming period, for example, we will focus on PPC automation and entering a target ROAS.”

Official partners may use the Amazon advertising logo:

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