• Achieve growth
  • Achieve more profit
  • Understanding customer value


  • PMax Automation
  • Driving profitability
  • Analyzing CLV


  • ↑ 23% higher conversion value, with a better margin
  • ↑ 20% more clicks
  • ↓ 15% lower CPC

About Haarspullen

Started as a seller of hair care products, Haarspullen has grown into a true online beauty platform with a range of beauty products that make women and men more beautiful and confident.

As a young player in the market, Haarspullen has the ability to be flexible and respond quickly to new developments, including advertising with Performance Max, where you can advertise on all Google channels with just one campaign.


Founder Marijn Bulthuis' goals for advertising in Google Ads are subject to change depending on the stage of the business.

Marijn explains:
"In the beginning, the focus was on growth, until we outgrew our space and our warehouse became too small to accommodate further growth. We do our fulfillment ourselves and ended up at 95% capacity. From there we changed course and our main goal became to make more profit."

"We have moved to 2x the size of our former building, which in turn brings new challenges. We have now returned to 45% capacity. This allows us to have full focus again to grow substantially. The 1st goal is to get the capacity to 70% so we can cover costs."

"That is what I like about Adchieve, that I can decide: I want to focus on profit, or like now, I want to focus on growth. The main goal now is to grow while maintaining profitability.
Marijn Bulthuis, Oprichter van Haarspullen


To achieve its goals, Haarspullen uses Adchieve's automation software and the expertise of consultant Alycia Semedo and data scientist Wouter van Akkeren.

Marijn explains why:
"When our product range was more limited, we handled our own advertising. However, with the rapid expansion of our assortment, we realized the need for automation and expertise. I consider it a luxury to be able to entrust you with managing campaigns and analyzing results, allowing me to focus on strategy and other crucial matters."

Some highlights of the approach:

  • Setting up a smart asset group structure, based on sales data determined by the Adchieve Sales Prediction Algorithm.
  • Automated creation of asset groups and assets on a large scale, using the Adchieve bulk editor.
  • Continuous improvement using the Adchieve asset group optimizer.
  • Taking margin and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) into account when determining bids, using buckets and CLV analysis.

Marijn explains the last aspect:
"We have great products for repeat customers: usage products. A customer may well buy from us 3-4 times a year. So it is important for us to understand what makes someone make a repeat purchase. Adchieve uses data science to understand which products and ads are more likely to drive repeat purchases. We use these insights to determine which products might cost more to market and adjust the software bids accordingly."


  • +23% higher conversion value, with a better margin
  • 20% more clicks
  • -15% lower CPC

After a year of focusing on Performance Max, Haarspullen has seen clear results. Compared to the same period the year before, campaigns have shown a 20% increase in clicks, while the cost per click has decreased by 15%. More importantly, there has been a 23% increase in conversion value, and with a higher margin.

In addition, Haarspullen is confident that they can focus on marketing products that are more likely to lead to customers making repeat purchases and thus spending more at Haarspullen after their initial purchase.

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