• Managed service as pilot
  • Growth target +25% turnover
  • Keep cost/turnover ratio the same


  • Getting started with PMax
  • Automation of PMax based on bidbuckets 
  • Regular checkpoints from Adchieve


  • ↑ 30%  average revenue growth from Feb to April

About DealDonkey

DealDonkey originated 13 years ago as a platform selling competitively priced products on a daily basis. Over the years, DealDonkey has grown into a webshop with over 1,000 SKUs spread across four to five main categories, specialising in home, garden and kitchen products. DealDonkey's goal is to make customers happy with surprising deals that match the needs and preferences of their target audience.
DealDonkey came into contact with Adchieve via a collective knowledge. They were convinced of the growth potential Adchieve could offer. With more automation and efficiency in ads, you can quickly save a lot of time and costs. This was the main reason for DealDonkey to partner with Adchieve. Now that we have been working together for more than five years, it was a good time for DealDonkey to take the next step in the partnership.


- Managed service as pilot
- Growth target 25% turnover
- Keep cost/turnover ratio the same


We spoke to Rogier de Veer - owner of DealDonkey about the goals set. DealDonkey's main goal was to generate more sales. A common target for Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) was then set, which is measured daily, The annual growth target was set at 25%.

"One of the reasons to partner with Adchieve is that a lot is automated, with relatively few hours we can achieve more."
Rogier de Veer - owner of DealDonkey
Rogier de Veer DealDonkey


Adchieve's advice to start with PMax was taken, and have started using civic sturcture. DealDonkey, always willing to test new strategies, saw the importance of due to Google's growing influence on online visibility. Rogier says they are also testing other marketing channels before our collaboration.

With the automation of PMax based on bidbuckets, DealDonkey adopted a more hands-off approach, which opened the door to performance improvement. Moreover, DealDonkey was keen to start a pilot to switch from Supported Service to Managed Service in conjunction with the revenue target. That way, we can get all the potential out of the campaigns.


  • ↑ 30%  average increase from Feb to April

The dedication of the consultants within Adchieve to provide deeper data insights played a key role in the success of the collaboration. As a result, DealDonkey not only achieved their ROAS targets but also laid a strong foundation for continuous growth and performance improvement, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-structured collaboration in the e-commerce industry. Dealdonkey is seeing an increase in sales each month after the start of the pilot in 2024, they are growing faster than before. This while the cost-to-sales ratio has remained the same. 

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