• Focus on recovering the brand
  • Reach new customers
  • Increase market penetration
  • Explore new channels


  • PMax Automation
  • Scalable and efficient way of managing campaigns


  • +13.9% increase in unique visitors
  • +20% conversion
  • CTR uplift +1.6% with Adchieve


With more than 2 million accommodations worldwide and more than 20 years of experience in the industry, stands out as one of the leading and most recognized OTAs in the hotel industry, also known as outside of Spain.

Its excellent customer service, price competitiveness and inventory volume together with its constant focus on innovation, make it a very attractive online platform for booking accommodation.

With the firm objective of increasing brand visibility and market penetration, both in the countries where they are present and in new destinations, has adapted its positioning strategy to meet the challenges.


A few years ago, Google introduced Google Hotel Ads in the sector. By that time, a large part of Google Ads traffic was directed towards Hotel Ads in the sector. has been therefore adapting and concentrating its efforts on Google Hotel Ads, but leaving aside its strong position in paid positioning. On top of this, they realized they were also losing direct traffic from their own brand and it was being diverted to other competitors in the sector.

At this point, they made the decision to focus on recovering their own brand campaign to protect their direct searches and reach new customers, also exploring new channels where they were not present yet, such as YouTube, Discovery and Gmail.

This is when the partnership between Adchieve and was born.


The collaboration is proving to be very positive, the automation solution allows to manage campaigns in a much more scalable and efficient way.

"The tool works very well, and with clear instructions from Alycia (our consultant) it can be managed autonomously. It makes it very easy to manage campaigns and to update or modify ads at any time. What is most appreciated is Alycia's prompt and efficient problem solving, providing quick and efficient assistance."

This solution addresses the challenges related to volume, management and maintenance, allowing for significant time savings and offering flexibility and relevance of ads.

"The time investment to launch 50 ads manually was enormous. With Adchieve we have generated 2,500 ads for 2,500 hotels very quickly and efficiently.”
Laura Sanz - Online marketeer hotel


  • +13.99% increase in unique visitors
  • +20% conversions
  • + CTR uplift 1.6% with Adchieve

"The time investment to launch 50 ads manually was enormous. With Adchieve we have generated 2,500 ads for 2,500 hotels very quickly and efficiently.”

"I could not have achieved these results without Adchieve in these last months. And we have achieved it in just a few months. Manually it could not have been done in a year, or even more. Now we are going to launch 600 new campaigns in the USA with the new domain:”.

With Adchieve software, has achieved great agility when launching and managing its campaigns. It gave them a great opportunity to boost specific hotels that were not performing well or were underperforming that we would not otherwise have achieved.

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