Individual or professional plan?

You must choose an individual or professional plan. With an individual plan you pay € 0.99 per product sold, with a professional plan you pay € 39.99 per month. So if you expect to sell more than 40 products per month, it is advisable to opt for the professional plan.


Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

As a seller, you can choose to send your products directly to your customers (FBM) or outsource your fulfillment to Amazon (FBA). Both options have advantages and disadvantages. With FBA, Amazon is responsible for packaging, storing and shipping the products. This will yield a margin, but it will also bring you many extra benefits, such as winning the Buy Box more easily. If you choose FBA, this can lead to an increase of 10 to 20% in sales.

When you choose FBA, consider whether you want to have your products stickered. Having your products stickered costs € 0.20 per product, but ensures that Amazon can recognize your products. This can be important if your products get mixed with the same products from another seller that sells counterfeit versions of the product.


If you have made a decision about the above points, make sure you have the following ready when you register:

  1. Company information (company name, address, contact person and contact information).
  2. Proof of address (bank debit, energy bill, lease contract)
  3. Chamber of Commerce registration and deed of incorporation
  4. Owner ID
  5. Company structure with date and signature of CEO and owners.
  6. Chamber of Commerce registration and deed of incorporation of other companies that have a share in the specified company.
  7. Credit card information
  8. Return address (where can products be returned)
  9. Product information such as product titles, descriptions and images for new products on Amazon. You can easily check this by searching the EANs in Amazon.


If the information you provided is not sufficient, Amazon will email you for this. It is important that you follow the instructions in the email instead of the information you see on the page where you need to upload the documents.

Provide matching documents if possible. Like the same proof of address as on the ID. This ensures that you do not have to upload additional documents.

Uploading your products to Amazon

Once you have passed the registration process, you can add the products on Amazon. This can be done in 4 different ways:

  1. Search products: if you have some products that are already on Amazon, you can easily search for them in Seller Central and click on them.
  2. Add manually: if you have some products that are not yet on Amazon, you can add them manually by entering the correct product information.
  3. File upload: when you have a wide range of products, manual uploading is a very time-consuming process. It is better to upload a file, in which you include the necessary product information. The information you need depends on the category of products you are selling.
  4. Upload via an inventory tool: The fastest and easiest way to upload large quantities of products is to use an inventory tool such as Adchieve. In Adchieve, you can easily apply the correct columns of folders and rules to meet the correct Amazon product information. You can also easily optimize your content such as your titles and descriptions for better visibility in the search results.

Add your seller information

Finally, it is important for buyers to know who the seller is and what the conditions are. It is therefore advisable as a seller to add the following information to your Seller Central account:

  • Background information Company
  • Logo (JPEG or gif, max 2mb, 120 × 30, no animation
  • Return conditions and refunds
  • Shipment
  • Privacy policy
  • Gift service
  • FAQ
  • Help pages

The game begins

Once you have completed all the steps, you are ready to sell on Amazon. However, the game is only now getting started – your products may not be sufficiently visible among the millions of other sellers. Create more visibility by optimizing your product information, your prices and applying Amazon PPC.


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