What makes the Fashion Monitor so valuable?

In the e-commerce sector, especially within the fashion market, there are specific needs that you also probably have to face, such as high return rates, seasonal patterns and emerging trends. At Adchieve, we have taken note of these needs and have decided to focus more on the fashion industry in order to further develop our expertise in this market.

Thanks to Adchieve’s Keyword Insights tool, we have the ability to map the online fashion market. We spider thousands of fashion-related keywords within Google Shopping every day. This has resulted in the Fashion Monitor, a collection of non-branded fashion search terms at the level of product categories. These categories are then divided into main and subcategories, such as Shoes > Sneakers.

The important thing to know is that the Fashion Monitor does not contain branded terms, so we can give a true picture of the online market. In addition, the keyword list incorporated in the Fashion Monitor has been compiled using Google’s keyword planner. We looked at keywords with the highest search volume measured over an entire year.

With the help of these tools and information, we want to provide you as a fashion retailer with valuable insights for a successful online presence.

Fashion Monitor

Discover the valuable insights of the Fashion Monitor 

  1. Discover the market share

Would you like to know how big your share is in the online fashion market? The market share indicates how many shopping ads from your online fashion store are displayed in response to a specific search query compared to the total number of shopping ads. This enables you to find out who the biggest players are in, say, swimwear or sportswear.

2. Assess the performance

The Fashion Monitor keeps a close eye on how your market share changes over time. This enables you to gain valuable insights, such as:

  • Has there been a spike in performance?
    • Could this be due to a sale that has taken place?
    • Have new products been launched?
  • Has there been a drop in performance?
    • Look back at the market share to see which competitor gained market share during this period, for example through a sale.
    • Explore whether performance is affected by factors such as weather. Was it a poor month, for example, while you were trying to sell swimwear?

3. Check out your position

You can see your ad’s position at keyword level in the shopping carousel on the Google search engine results page (SERP). The Fashion Monitor gives you insight into which keywords have resulted in a good shopping position with which ad, and which keywords could help improve your shopping position.

4. Compare prices

In addition to position, you can also see which other advertisers are showing their products and at what price. This enables you to view the shopping results from the perspective of potential customers. Does your ad stand out from the crowd?

5. Discover trends

Trends play an important role in the fashion industry, so it is crucial to have the right items in your collection. The Fashion Monitor can help you discover different trends, such as:

  • Which items often feature with competitors?
  • Which colors or patterns are popular?
  • Which title combinations are often used in certain periods?

Consider using festival keywords in your titles during the festival season, for example.

6. Get inspired

Look and learn from others in the market and get inspired. Consider, for example, the images that your competitors are using. Do they use mood images or images with models, while you are using simple product images against a white background?

Use the Fashion Monitor to optimize your online fashion business and benefit from valuable insights to be successful in the dynamic world of fashion.

Fashion Monitor

Improve your position in Google Shopping

For the majority of companies in the fashion industry, Google Shopping is the most important advertising channel within Google. The search engine results page (SERP) displays about 30 ads. Potential buyers can then click through to see all the ads on the page. Adchieve collects these ads using the technique of ‘scraping’.

Why is your position important?

The SERP page displays about 30 ad spots. The first eight of these ads are immediately visible and potential buyers can click through to see the rest of the ads. It is therefore important to be in the top eight ads to have the best chance of buyers clicking through to your website. This is because not all buyers will browse through the entire list of ads, so you want to attract the attention of all potential buyers searching for the item you are listing.

What are the benefits?

Increasing the chances of clicking on your ad will also increase the likelihood of conversions. But it will also contribute to increasing brand awareness, because your ads will stand out from the competition.

How can you optimize?

To improve your position within Google Shopping, you can experiment with the price of the product you are selling or increase the offer for the items you want to improve. You can immediately see the effect of these adjustments in the Fashion Monitor, as the data is updated daily.

How do you discover the trends in the market and play into them?

As a company active in the fashion industry, you understand that trends are an essential factor in the fashion market. Keeping up with fashion magazines and blogs helps you to know which trends will become important in the coming seasons. But what are consumers actually looking for? Which must-haves should you absolutely have in your collection? Which colors should you choose for your multi-color items? All this information can be found in the Fashion Monitor.

In addition, it is extremely important to include the right keywords in the titles of your products. Check out the titles of competitors, for example, and find out what colors and patterns they use. Is it smart to include sizes in the titles? And would using seasonal keywords add relevancy?

Another crucial factor is advertising at the right moment for seasonal items. When is the best time to promote your swimwear collection? When do festival collections become relevant? And when do consumers actually start looking for winter coats?

The Adchieve Fashion Monitor, which has been collecting data for years, will not only enable you to discover the latest market trends but also the factors that influence changes in seasonal search behavior. So stay ahead in the fashion industry and make use of valuable insights to strengthen your competitive position.