Jesus Alvarez, Senior Search Engine Advertiser


My experience lies mainly in building search engine marketing efforts from scratch, in order to become a market leader. I love data analysis and I constantly look for effective tools or solutions to optimize, analyse, automate and scale up search engine or digital marketing efforts. At Leaseplan, I coordinate and manage the use of tools which helps us to do our job of building ad groups and campaigns, managing bids and reporting for worldwide audiences.

When I joined LeasePlan we had a strong necessity to find a tool that would help us to standardize, automate and quickly scale up our search engine advertisement efforts, for 32 countries and 23 languages. After understanding all Adchieve’s capabilities and scope, we reached the conclusion that Adchieve is the best option to reach our objectives, not only for Search Advertisement but for Facebook campaigns as well.

Benefits & Collaboration

The key benefits that Adchieve offers us are the standardization, scalability and adaptability to business needs. We are now able to reduce the onboarding time for new countries, respond faster to special requests and freeing up time to perform other important tasks.

Next to the benefits that the software offers, we are also very happy with the collaboration. Adchieve has highly skilled staff. For me, what me makes Adchieve really unique, is the expertise in the business industry and their excellent customer service.

Adchieve has highly skilled staff

When you are considering to start working with ads automation, I could advise you to have a plan regarding what kind of account structure you aim for in order to optimize and escalate your digital marketing campaigns.

Adchieve is a tool with broad, diverse functionalities and solutions. Having a clear idea or plan will help you to get the most out of the tool. If there is no concrete plan, I would suggest letting the Adchieve team suggest best practices to begin with.