Stefanie Schouten has been working as a data scientist at Adchieve since 2017. What exactly does the function of a data scientist at Adchieve entail? You can read it here!

A few years ago I came into contact with Adchieve through someone at my volleyball club. At the time I was still doing my Masters in Econometrics, but I was quite curious about the position. During my studies I always had the ambition to get into the world of business after obtaining my degree. I just love data, the more the better!

So I worked at Adchieve for a short while, in order to gain some experience, before finishing my studies.


‘The functionalities have really grown in line with market demand’

I enjoyed working at Adchieve so much that I rejoined them to work as a data scientist after completing my studies, and I’m still loving it here!

I have been working here since 2017 and I can tell you that quite a lot has changed in recent years. We started out with a small group of employees, but have now grown into a sizable team spread out over three locations. In the beginning I did most of the work alone, now I have co-workers with a similar background to consult and spar with.

A lot has changed in terms of the software that we develop, too. The functionalities have really grown in line with market demand. And of course that’s how it should be when you’re active in the dynamic online advertising world.

Data & algorithms

As a data scientist at Adchieve I’m working with the data of clients. I combine data sources and use this data in custom algorithms. We always discuss the objectives thoroughly with the client beforehand, so that we can create a suitable algorithm. I’m dealing with many types of data and large amounts of data and have to make sure that the right links are made. That’s why I often also have contact with clients during the process, to get a clearer picture of the data supplied. If we want to ensure a well-performing output, we must first ensure that the input is correct!

Stefanie Schouten 2

Even once an algorithm has been delivered and is put into use, I still maintain regular contact with the client. For example, I check with them as to how things are going and whether adjustments need to be made to the algorithm. Clients also often have some additional questions about the algorithm, how it works and what choices were made. I’m always completely transparent about these matters. You’re working with data that is owned by the client, and therefore I want to involve the client as much as possible by explaining what we do exactly. No black box, but full transparency.

Obviously, the greatest moment is when an algorithm has been delivered and the client is enthusiastic about the results. That makes me happy!

Cool stuff & Smart people

I don’t see Adchieve as an online marketing agency, but as a company where very smart people are working who do very cool things with data in order to boost the online results of their clients!

What makes working at Adchieve so much fun for me really is the combination between working with data (you’ve probably guessed already that that’s something I really like 😊), the contact with clients, the contact with co-workers and the pleasant atmosphere.

At Adchieve I’m given a lot of freedom to initiate and take on projects. The speed at which new initiatives are being picked up is also awesome. The lines are short, which ensures that decisions can be made quickly.

‘ The team trip that’s on top of my list for sure, was the trip to Ibiza!’


In addition to the hard work that we all do, there’s also plenty of room for relaxation. Fun team outings are organized on a regular basis, so that you can get to know each other a bit better outside of the work space. Especially since the team is growing so fast that’s really great and lots of fun! The team trip that’s on top of my list for sure, was the trip to Ibiza in 2018! We went to Ibiza for a few days with the whole company. An activity like that is just super fun and guarantees team building, which definitely has a positive effect on the collaboration in the workplace!



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