Google Hotel Ads

Whitepaper Google Hotel Ads

Do you want to achieve more direct bookings at lower costs? Then make sure that you’re present during the search process of your potential customer.

Google plays an important role in this search process. Worldwide, around 5.8 billion searches a day are performed on Google.

Part of these searches are travel related. It means that there’s a huge potential audience that you can tap into as a provider by showing current prices and availability via Google Hotel Ads.

Google Hotel Ads is not only meant for hotel owners, but also for providers of other types of accommodation, such as vacation resorts, campsites or providers of vacation rental homes.

Download the whitepaper and learn more about:

  • The visibility of Google Hotel Ads
  • How you achieve more direct bookings
  • How it offers you an incremental value
  • How you are in complete control of the costs

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ADchieve is an official integration partner of Google Hotel Ads.