How do you get maximum results from your Shopping campaigns within Google AdWords? ADchieve has a vision and the tools to increase the returns from Shopping campaigns. ADchieve enables smart campaign strategies through automation, offers more in-depth insights and ultimately yields higher returns.

Creating and optimizing Shopping feeds

For anyone who wants to get started with Google Shopping, step 1 is delivering a product feed to the Google Merchant Center. Using ADchieve, an existing feed can easily be converted to a feed that is suitable for Google.

It’s also possible to continually optimize the feed. Adjusting images, optimizing titles and descriptions, it’s easily done and you won’t need the help of any techies.

Using ADchieve the feed is transferred to Google via an automatic link (API), making it possible to implement updates faster and more frequently.

Incredibly strong Shopping campaigns in just 5 clicks

Once your products have been delivered to Google via the Merchant Center, you can start using advertisements in Google AdWords. The most simple set-up is where all products are advertised through a single ad. This method is fast, but has quite a few limitations.

ADchieve can create larger campaign structures. Within ADchieve you specify which products should be placed in which campaigns, ad groups and product groups. ADchieve then does all the work. It creates campaigns and when new products are introduced, they are added automatically.

As noted, any campaign structure is possible. You’re completely in control. It’s even possible to create a separate ad group for each product. This will help you to create insight at the deepest level. Which keyword belongs to which product. You’ll be amazed at the results and the optimization possibilities that are suddenly at your disposal!

No more worries about keyword negatives

Managing keyword negatives is an important aspect of Google Shopping. It’s also a time-consuming task, though, and before you know it you spend more money than is necessary.

With ADchieve, managing keyword negatives is easy. It’s completely up to you to decide which keyword should be excluded from which campaign. Moreover, it’s not only possible to exclude keywords on the basis of performance indicators, but also based on product characteristics.