Introducing the advanced technology of ADchieve

Give your online campaigns a boost with ADchieve’s unique features

What AdChieve does

With ADchieve you link all of your products directly to Google Adwords and other marketing channels. You only advertise the products that you actually offer. The result? Higher conversion rates and additional turnover. If a product is temporarily out of stock, ADchieve will know it and automatically put your ad on hold. This means: no unnecessary advertising costs.

Ad campaigns

A clear campaign structure is key to the success of any advertising campaign. AdChieve enables only campaigns and ad groups that are relevant. It supports you in setting up a campaign that contains hundreds or even thousands of ad groups. Structure can be created by using dynamic information from a data feed, such as accommodation or product names, locations or the variables that you choose to use.

Campaign structure

ADchieve helps to set up a campaign that contains hundreds or even thousands of ad groups. Structure can be created by using dynamic information from a data feed, like:

– Accommodation or product name
– Category or product group
– Location (country, region, city)


Generating thousands of specific keywords in no time. ADchieve does it for you. Set the rules for the combinations of keywords that you want to make. Define the search types that you want to generate and you’re ready to go. If new products are added, ADchieve will automatically generate relevant new keywords for you. ADchieve even features advanced technology that recognizes a product’s type number and translates it to relevant keywords.

Feed optimizer

A quality data feed makes all the difference in online marketing campaigns. ADchieve offers you the opportunity to further optimize your own feed. Add or merge columns. Adapt product descriptions as you like or perform search and replace operations. With ADchieve you can create custom-made feeds for every marketing channel.


What products do or don’t you want to advertise? In ADchieve you can simply create your own product filters. Exclude non-profitable products from your campaigns. Or apply specific advertising copy or keywords to the products that you have filtered out.
Create advanced and unique advertising copy using ADchieve. Easily enter prices in your ads or include the number of products that you offer. Apply rules regarding which ad text will be shown when. Want to incorporate the product title in the heading of your ad or transfer it automatically to the first line of the ad if it doesn’t fit? If you use ADchieve, it’s no problem at all.
Does using ADchieve mean that I have to manage all of my campaigns with ADchieve? Or will I still be able to manually adjust keywords, ad copy or bids? Yes, you will! ADchieve has intelligent analysis options and can spot manual adaptations or adjustments that were made using other systems. If so, ADchieve will not interfere with these optimizations. So, as an ADchieve user you can continue to do your own optimizations in AdWords as well.
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