What a year 2017 has been! ADchieve has developed at a furious pace. Not only has our software made great strides once more. As an organization, ADchieve has also grown.

Even more happy customers

What’s most important is that we’ve made many more customers happy in 2017. We connected with new customers who were introduced to ADchieve for the first time. Existing clients started to apply new functions. Our Google Shopping possibilities in particular seem to fulfill a great need. We consistently manage to achieve better returns for our customers. And that’s what we’re doing it all for.

The new design

It took some doing, but since last autumn the ADchieve software has a new look. Our “front end” has been completely renewed and now is up-to-date and much more user-friendly. It has been quite a job, because not a single ADchieve page has remained untouched.

On our own two feet

Since the beginning of 2017, ADchieve is an independent company. We started out the year with about eight employees. In a year’s time, the number of colleagues has doubled. New developers, data scientists, account managers and a CCO have strengthened the ADchieve team.


Not only did we grow in Den Bosch. In 2017 a branch was opened in Rotterdam as well, offering the most beautiful views of the Erasmus Bridge. By now we’ve already outgrown that location, though. As of February 1st next year we’ll relocate to Delftse Poort, next to Rotterdam Central Station. In Den Bosch we’ll move to the site of the data science academy Jads in February.

Award-winning achievements

We’re proud of winning the title “best PPC software” at the Dutch Search Awards. We’re also proud of the case that ADchieve developed in collaboration with Google.