ADchieve can provide insight into campaign achievements that aren’t available by default. Within ADchieve we can bring together multiple data sources and present the combined results and insights in a well-organized manner.

In Google AdWords you can link sales figures to AdWords campaigns, either via Google Analytics or not. This makes it possible to provide insight into the value-cost ratios of campaigns.

Turnover doesn’t equal profit

Which (profit) margins or added values your campaigns produce, is often much less clear. You won’t make the same standard sales price margin on every article that you sell, articles are returned or are sold outside of the confines of the Internet. These factors affect the actual profit that you achieve with your online campaigns. Linking your own margin data to your AdWords campaign, creates entirely new insights. Insights that help you to significantly improve the actual return on your campaigns.

Big Data links

ADchieve can look at different sources that are of key importance for an optimal performance. Examples are the effect of AdWords and Shopping on the sales in physical stores (ROPO), your price position with respect to that of your competitors, the effect of the weather or regional differences based on different characteristics (e.g. square footage of garden area).