Data Studio by Google is a visualization tool that can bring together large amounts of data and present them in an appealing manner. Data Studio is a free tool that competes with providers such as Tableau.

Data Studio integration

Data Studio is a solution that users can work with on their own. Google is continuously expanding the possibilities of Data Studio. One of the development pathways that Google is exploring is the option of integrating Data Studio into third-party software. ADchieve talked about this option with the Data Studio development team in Mountain View.

A first development in the near future is the possibility for software solutions such as ADchieve to incorporate Data Studio reports with their own look and feel in their own software. A next step is merging Data Studio with ADchieve functionalities. On the one hand, data from the ADchieve database can be shown, such as product information. On the other hand, this information can be enriched via Data Studio widgets with, for instance, the performance of products within Google AdWords.