With ADchieve you can work efficiently and still remain in control. Our talented data scientists and SEA consultants are happy to help you on your way.

Bid management that helps you to outsmart the competition

In ADchieve it’s possible to create rules for bids yourself. By combining bid rules you build your own bidding algorithm.

Every industry is different and each website has its own success factors. Thanks to the flexibility that ADchieve offers, every company can achieve its optimal bid settings. In order to do so, not only can you use data from Google itself but other data as well, such as stock availability, weather information, etc.

Although it’s possible to create bid settings in ADchieve yourself, our consultants are also happy to support you in developing your own unique algorithm. Our SEA experts, econometricians and data scientists will gladly help you to stay two steps ahead of the competition.

No more worries about keyword negatives

Managing keyword negatives is an important aspect of Google Shopping. It’s also a time-consuming task, though, and before you know it you spend more money than is necessary.

With ADchieve, managing keyword negatives is easy. It’s completely up to you to decide which keyword should be excluded from which campaign. Moreover, it’s not only possible to exclude keywords on the basis of performance indicators, but also based on product characteristics.