The new Twinkle 100, listing the largest online retailers in the Netherlands, has been published. ADchieve congratulates everyone with the ranking that they have achieved. The Twinkle 100 list includes many ADchieve clients. This year, ADchieve presents a short case for three of these clients. – Advanced text ads

Using ADchieve, has automated the complete creation and the maintenance of Search Ads. All different types of campaigns, from bike model to frame size, are dynamically translated into AdWords. New products, series and sales promotions are kept up-to-date, but ADchieve goes even further than that. A tailor-made application recognizes important keyword combinations and creates new ads with greater relevance, resulting in a significant increase in Quality Scores.

• 23% higher CTR (due to relevance);
• 14% better Quality Scores;
• 36% greater volume.

Rorix/Sanitairwinkel – Google Shopping automation

Sanitairwinkel uses ADchieve’s Google Shopping capabilities. ADchieve automatically creates advertisements for Sanitairwinkel in Google Adwords. Each product is included in three product-specific ads. This approach is focused on maximizing the return on products and keywords. The management of keyword negatives is also automated using ADchieve.

Achieved results
• 126% higher turnover;
• 56% lower costs;
• Time savings on management.

LampenLicht – complete automation of creation and management

LampenLicht uses the many possibilities that ADchieve has to offer. In collaboration with the ADchieve consultants, a bidding algorithm was developed for LampenLicht. This algorithm is executed automatically via ADchieve. The bidding algorithm matches the LampenLicht business model and uses customer-specific data. This saves time in comparison with the manual optimization of bids.

Achieved results
• Significantly higher ROAS;
• 30% more clicks;
• 48 hours saved per month.

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