Google and ADchieve have been working together for a long time. At ADchieve we’re developing advertising campaigns for customers on Google. Logically, we have contact with Google about how we can make the campaigns for our customers even more successful.

Our collaboration doesn’t stop there, though. As an automation company we make optimum use of the possibilities that are offered by the Google API. Simply put, the API is the communication method that we use at ADchieve to exchange data with Google.

ADchieve is not just any partner. ADchieve is the world’s largest user of the Google API within the context of Google Shopping. The ADchieve developers have regular contact with Google about the functioning of the API. On these occasions, Google gives advice on the use of the API. As ADchieve, we also provide feedback on how the API works, which sometimes leads to optimizations in the API by Google.

In collaboration with ADchieve, Google has now published a case about AdChieve’s use of the API. At ADchieve, we’re obviously very proud of this fact. The case serves as a source of inspiration for other API users worldwide.