Direct access to competitors’ prices in Google Shopping? Use ADchieve Price Insights.

With ADchieve Price Insights you can compare the prices of your products with those of other providers in Google Shopping. This data gives you valuable insights and can help you further optimize the bids for advertisements in Google Shopping.

Valuable insights

In the example below you can see which information you receive. You get to see per product what your price is and what the minimum and maximum price is. You can then also look
further per product, and you will not only see all the prices of all providers, but also the
historical price trend.

Price Insights dashboard

How does it work

Step 1 is to determine for which products you want to receive the price information. You can select all your products or a selection of products.
From Adchieve, for example, we can automatically retrieve the price information for your top 100 products. You decide, but of course we are happy to advise. We then need the GTIN of the products. In most cases, we can easily collect these from your feed.

The next step, include price data in bidding algorithm

Do you use a custom tailored bid algorithm? Then you can even have the price data included as a variable in the bid algorithm. By including this data in the bids, you can for example choose to decrease the bid for an advertisement of a product, which is offered cheaper by a competitor.

Start with ADchieve Price Insights

Do you want to get started with ADchieve Price Insights or do you wish to receive more information about this? Feel free to contact us!

If you start with ADchieve Price Insights before January 1th 2020, you will receive a free analysis after 3 months, in which the connection between your price level and sales numbers is made!