Many AdWords users are familiar with sitelinks. These ad extensions, displayed below the advertising copy, provide an extra link to a specific page on the website. Sitelinks make advertisements more relevant to potential customers. What are the benefits of using this application via ADchieve?

Standard application

In many cases sitelinks are added at the campaign level. The downside of this is that your sitelinks are often added in a general and therefore less relevant fashion, and that not all sitelinks are geared to the specific product group in question. A practical example of their non-optimal use is shown below:


In this case, someone is doing a very specific search on a certain Wolf Garten lawn mower model. The visitor is already past the stage of deciding between a lawn mower, weed whacker or riding mower. In other words, these sitelinks don’t have any added value and definitely do not make the ad more relevant. Especially because someone is doing a very specific search, it is important not to emphasize any distracting elements. This can have an adverse effect on the click-through-rate (and conversion).

Dynamic sitelinks via ADchieve

ADchieve makes it possible to link a specific selection of items to AdWords, enabling you to automatically advertise in AdWords at any level you want. This includes the product level, the so-called long tail, which is an interesting option from a cost standpoint. How can sitelinks best be employed at the product level?

ADchieve example

Dynamic sitelinks via ADchieve

The above example shows a useful extension to the ad. What experiences do other people have with this product? What accessories can be used with this device? What advantages do I get by combining accessories with this lawnmower? This makes the ad more relevant to the visitor.

It is virtually impossible to manually add relevant sitelinks for thousands of products. By including this information in the feed for each product, relevant sitelinks can be added at the product level automatically using ADchieve. Initial tests have shown that this application has a positive effect on the click-through-rate. The advantage is that these specific extensions make the ads stand out more prominently amongst the competition.

Soon this new feature will be included in ADchieve. Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please contact your Account Manager.