Ewout and Timber both have been working as a developer at ADchieve for about a year now. Curious about what their work at ADchieve entails?

Why did you start working at ADchieve?

Ewout: “Neither of us has a background in IT. During my physics studies, I noticed that writing code for data analysis appealed to me more than the scientific aspect. I also enjoyed doing some web development in my spare time. ADchieve is a rapidly growing scale-up where you can do many different things and learn a lot. When I don’t work, I like to do a lot of sports and ADchieve offers me the flexibility to adapt my working hours to fit that all in.” Timber: “After I did my PhD in mathematics, I was looking for a place where you could see immediate results from your work. From an early age I was interested in programming. ADchieve is a company where I can combine this interest with my experience as a mathematician, because in addition to programming they also need data analysis and modeling.”

What does an average day look like for you?

Ewout: “I often start the day by putting in an hour of training with my co-worker Jeroen at the gym in our building.” Timber: “While Ewout is working out, I have started working already. I live a bit further away from our office, so I start early and go home in time to avoid the height of rush hour. We work with SCRUM, so the ‘stories’ on the springboard largely determine what we do in a day.” Ewout: “ADchieve is primarily a PHP application, but we also have a Python application for big data jobs and we are developing an Eclipse plug-in in Java for our own consultants. Recently we started working with the front-end framework Vue for our user interface.” Timber: “We are part of a team of eight developers. Basically, each developer can take on every task. My focus is often on big data development, but I can also work on solving a bug for our clients. That makes it a very varied job.” Ewout: “In addition to developing, I also have the role of SCRUM master. In that capacity I prepare meetings, monitor the progress of the development team and discuss with the product owner where the priorities lie.” Timber: “One of the common threads in my work is the bidding algorithms that we make. On the one hand this means that I exchange ideas with clients and our consultants about how we should shape these algorithms. On the other hand, in my role as a developer, I’m working on all of the technical implementations that are necessary to actually execute the algorithms that we come up with.” Ewout: “For me, the varied nature of my work is also very important. A fun deviation from developing that I recently did, was setting up a ticket system for customer support.”

That sounds like hard work. Is there any room for socializing?

Ewout: “Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for a bit of relaxation. In between work, we always find time for a game of ‘ACHTUNG, Die Kurve!’” Timber: “Ewout had a little bit too much practice during his school years, so we’re still trying to figure out how to beat him.” Ewout: “Also, at lunchtime we always go out for a walk with those who feel like it. We’re right in the heart of Rotterdam, so there are plenty of lunch options for when you have forgotten your lunch box – either deliberately or not. It’s definitely our goal to try out all of the burger joints within walking distance at some point.” Timber: “At ADchieve there are always fun incentives to give us a bit of extra motivation as well. Our whole gang will go on a trip to Ibiza in September, for instance.” Ewout: “Yes, that’s true, and let’s not forget the private concert by Brabant singer John de Bever at the team barbecue.” Timber: “That was great fun, yes. I didn’t know him that well, but now I’m almost just as big a fan as our co-workers from Brabant!”